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Authentication Services

My method of determining authenticity uses both UV fluorescence and high-powered stereo-optic microscope. I study the flaking pattern, mineralization, flaking, organic deposits, mineral growth, hinge fractures, basal grinding, traces of metal residue from modern tampering, sanding scratches, The correct natural patination from the "reported" regions. 

The "artifaker" knows that a $100.00 + what ever the type may be, has higher chances to get sent off for a evaluation from an authenticator. So, the "artifaker" is making a living / killing by making the $20.00 to $50.00 dollar points and at that price people don't want to pay the $30.00 to have it authenticated by some of the top leading Authenticators so most people don't send it off for a evaluation. Well, now you can, my fee is only  $15.00 per artifact + $7.00 return shipping for up to 5 points.  I want to help fight fraud and be here for your authentication needs. 

    I offer great discounts on several evaluations at one time, and a great discount on collections. All those who purchase arrowheads at "especially" E-bay, other auctions, websites, yard sales or even from local collectors are at serious risk of having reproduction artifacts in your collection, that you think of as an investment but are indeed waisting your hard earned money on fake reproductions.

          Currently, I am only authenticating knapped flint / Chert artifacts. No banner stones or other hard stone axes, Celts, shell, bone, or perishable artifacts at this time.

    To submit your artifact for an evaluation please include "ALL" information you have on the point, such as type, material if known and state where found, as well as a phone number and an e-mail address where I can contact you. Then wrap your artifact(s) individually in bubble wrap with rubber bands     NOT TAPE    then place inside a box with padding or newspaper. Include the proper evaluation fee $15.00 per relic & $7.00 return  shipping per package for up to "5" points 6- 10 points  $10.00 to cover the return shipping + the desired insurance amount. If no insurance, then again please use "SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION" and pack extra well and remember No personal checks accepted and make your money order or cashiers check payable to Stacy Sievers. 

    NO fee will be charged if a determination cannot be made of authenticity. If this happens, I will return your artifact with a coupon for a free evaluation or cash your choice. I would rather "NOT" paper an artifact due to not being 100% sure because of over cleaning with chemicals, or if the artifact has been in some cases, lacquered or buffed clean.

     Items found to be modern reproductions will receive a detailed letter / Kill letter, describing why I believe the artifact(s) to be a reproduction(s). 

PLEASE always use " Signature Confirmation NOT Delivery Confirmation I can not be responsible for lost items that are not mailed with this type of secure mailing. If you do mail with insurance then you will NOT need to use signature confirmation.
I only accept money orders, cashiers checks or cash "NO" personal checks, please make it payable to Stacy Sievers.   
I will evaluate up to 50 pieces for $400.00 + $20.00 return shipping so 50 pieces for a total of $420.00. If you have more than 50 pieces please contact me by e-mail and I will figure a quote for you.  

    I collect Agate Basin and high grade Sedalia points, OK I am a sucker for any good Lanceolate blade like Early Archaic knives, Angostura's, Karnak's, Nebo Hill's ect. I will sometimes trade my services for a good point or 2 depending on how many pieces you want evaluated just e-mail pictures and I will contact you and we will haggle it out from there, LOL.